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Two engineering companies bundle their know-how

A joint venture between RUBI Bahntechnik and Schüßler-Plan

Schüßler-Plan infratec GmbH, founded jointly by RUBI Bahntechnik and Schüßler-Plan, plans, advises and monitors all technical equipment systems for transport infrastructure and energy supply - always with the aim of helping to shape the infrastructure in Germany in a sustainable and state-of-the-art manner.

  • Interdisciplinary and inter-trade approach (interface coordination)

  • Joint project handling planning, monitoring, execution (interface minimization)

  • Increased efficiency through application of BIM methodology

  • Need-based development of competencies

  • Resources close to customers

  • Further locations planned throughout Germany

Stephan Müller

Industrial Engineer FH, Electrical Engineer FH

+41 79 332 93 68

Thomas Rubi

Dipl. Ing. ETH / SIA, EMBA Economics FH

+41 76 341 19 51

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