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coming soon ... 2023

Welcome to the Austrian market


We and our partners in Austria have detailed knowledge of the local railway landscape and the requirements  from it. Supplemented by the know-how of our employees in Switzerland, we can offer a comprehensive overall package in the railway sector. We are happy to advise you, develop concepts and solutions and find the right way to your goal.

Together with you, we elaborate solutions tailored to your needs, focusing on procurement and maintenance costs. We advise you on the choice of engineers and constructors and we are capable of planning entire systems - applying the latest technology standards - and taking over construction site management.

Independant consulting for builders, railway and facilities operators

Expanding into the Asian market is challenging, takes time and patience. We can make your entry easier. Our local employees are familiar with Asian business practices, know the regulatory conditions and are very well networked. This makes us your ideal sales partner.

Local representation for your systems or components


Armin Zöggeler

Diplom Bauingenieur



Purnhofweg 39

6020 Innsbruck


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