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"It was pure coincidence."

Legend has it that it all began in August 2014 with the creation of a logo for Thomas Rubi's own company, which neither existed nor was planned. He helped a graphic designer friend of his move and received a logo, letters and business cards by chance. The latter were brought into circulation, whereupon the telephone soon rang with a first inquiry. In a hurry, a company matching the corporate design was founded in February 2015.

In the meantime further projects, employees and locations came along.

Über Rubi Bahntechnik

Sustainability mission statement

Rubi Bahntechnik GmbH is committed to sustainable corporate management. In all our decisions we take into account our economic, ecological and social responsibility towards our employees, customers and the environment.

With our commitment and dedication we promote the
railway system and increase the quality of life of our employees and stakeholders. In this way we contribute to the sustainable development of society.

We promote the railway system as an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

During planning and construction we pay attention to ecological solutions and advise our customers accordingly.


We offer our employees attractive working conditions and support them in their professional and personal development as well as in their well-being.


We want to provide our services at a good price/performance ratio.

As a contractor of numerous publicly financed institutions, the efficient and economic use of taxpayers' money is close to our heart.


More about us

Network, partners and friends
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