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Welcome to the Asian market

Our local employees have a broad network and in-depth knowledge of Asian culture and regulatory requirements. Supplemented by Swiss know-how, we provide suppliers of railway equipment, systems or special components access to key players in the public infrastructure.
We work with you to develop concepts on how and with whom you can successfully present your products.

Together with you, we elaborate solutions tailored to your needs, focusing on procurement and maintenance costs. We advise you on the choice of engineers and constructors and we are capable of planning entire systems - applying the latest technology standards - and taking over construction site management.

Independant consulting for builders, railway and facilities operators

Expanding into the Asian market is challenging, takes time and patience. We can make your entry easier. Our local employees are familiar with Asian business practices, know the regulatory conditions and are very well networked. This makes us your ideal sales partner.

Local representation for your systems or components

Are you thinking of sourcing goods and/or services from Asia? We have connections to the leading providers of rail technology material in Asia, so that we can establish fast and easy access to cost-saving sourcing solutions for you.

Sourcing of goods and services from Asia

You already work with providers in Asia and want to monitor and control the quality on-site? Do you want to avoid sending your staff abroad and save the related costs and absences? We are your regional, trustworthy partner for audits under your company guidelines.

Quality control and audits


Kansai Pitugsali

Structural Engineer

Pakaphob Panyasirimongkol

Civil Engineer

Marco Maurer

Managing Director

Wiroon Wongratchatanan

Research Analyst


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278 Silom Road

Office 304/2

Suriya Wong

Bang Rak

TH-10500 Bangkok


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