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analyse. design. build.

A joint venture of RUBI Bahntechnik


We are passionate about tackling challenging civil engineering tasks and finding economical and safe solutions. We consider it our duty to use limited resources optimally and sustainably for new constructions and for refurbishment projects.

We have been dealing with the following engineering topics for many years and have built up special in-house expertise. This enables us to create value for construction projects and for our valued customers.

  • Comprehensive planning services for structures in all construction phases.

  • Expertise for structural safety.

  • Project optimisation

Statics and planning

  • Verification of the fire resistance of a structure in minutes according to Eurocodes.

  • Optimisation of structural fire protection measures

Fire safety

  • Seismic concepts and in-depth earthquake analyses for optimised retrofitting measures. 

  • Project optimisation through recognised Swiss SIA expert and certified seismic engineer

Seismic safety

  • Non-destructive or slightly destructive structural survey.

  • Structural  assessment and recommendation of retrofit measures

Structural survey

  • Planning and realisation of railway systems.

  • Design of slab track.

  • Unreinforced slab design according to Eurocodes.

Railway Engineering

  • Independent second opinion and dispute resolution as recognised expert of Swiss SIA.

  • Assessment and optimisation of engineering concepts

Second Opinion

Julian Pernstich

Doctorate and diploma in engineering SIA SGEB,
certified earthquake engineer CAS,
SIA surveyor

+41 76 558 75 69

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