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Planung & Projektierung

A joint venture of RUBI Bahntechnik

The digital transformation is changing the world of planning and construction. We support our clients in managing their projects digitally by creating customised BIM models for them in a short time. BIM Technics combines in-depth knowledge of civil engineering and digital planning methods to help you take your project to the next level.

Analysis of needs: we take an in-depth look at the project expectations and the project and create a tailor-made BIM model.

Digitalisation: we create high-quality BIM models that are in line with the latest findings and developments. In addition, we link industry-typical and project-specific attributes and thus increase the information content of the model.

Gordan Kucan

MSc ETH IBS Civil Engineer, Project Engineer - BIM and Digitalisation

+41 79 593 99 54

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