Gilli Legal advice

Legal perspective, close to the building site

A joint venture of RUBI Bahntechnik

We advise you on legal issues, project management and supplement management. We combine legal knowledge with our understanding of technical solutions.


We provide services for planners, builders and build contractors in the following areas
  • Building and public procurement law

  • Contract Law

  • Company Law

Our approach

We provide advice close to the construction project and respond flexibly to your specific situation. Our aim is to get to the heart of the matter. We bring in our perspectives across all areas in order to implement your concerns.

Misunderstandings and different interpretations of agreements are part of everyday construction work; it is our claim to provide comprehensible advice on legal issues and supplementary management.


What distinguishes us from a law firm?

Our cross-functional approach and the limitation to negotiation and dispute resolution. For representation before courts and authorities, contact a law firm.



Project management

Combining law and technology

We take the project management off your hands. Building engineers and lawyers work closely together with us, because the legal support of ongoing projects is profitable.


Supplement management

Structured processing of subsequent claims


We get to the bottom of supplements, negotiate and find solutions.


Legal project support and dispute resolution

We are committed to making sure that your
team can continue working quickly.

 Pragmatic legal perspective 

We advise you in procurement procedures and structure your contracts according to your needs.

Procurement procedures and contracts

We support you in negotiations by providing a structured presentation of the case. Moderated discussions with project members lead to solutions.

Dispute Settlement

Bogumila Olavarria

Master of Law

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