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We are your partner in planning and consulting of the operational railroad construction

A joint venture of RUBI Bahntechnik

  • Interdisciplinary and inter-trade approach (interface coordination)

  • Joint project handling planning, monitoring, execution (interface minimization)

  • Increased efficiency through application of BIM methodology

  • Need-based development of competencies

  • Resources close to customers

  • Further locations planned throughout Germany

Transportation facilities

Implementation planning (planning documents, work preparation)

Planning coordination

Plan review of provided or purchased planning services

Tendering and awarding of subcontractor services

Site management

Technical consulting

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Icon_civil engineering.png

Project management in partnership

Integrated project planning

Integrated execution preparation

Integral construction execution

Remuneration according to project success (costs, time, quality)

Civil engineering

As experienced engineers, we will prepare the detailed and construction drawings for you in phase 5 of the implementation planning, including the associated planning coordination. We are happy to take over the updating of the schedule as well as the plan review of planning services provided or purchased.
In the service phases 6 - 9 we are at your side for the tendering and awarding of subcontractor services, work preparation, specialist construction management and as technical consultants.

Jürgen Steingräber

Partner / Managing Director

+49 157 584 953 28

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