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Consulting, project planning and planning of traction current systems

A joint venture of RUBI Bahntechnik


We support you in your traction current system project with advice and  project planning. With many years of industry experience, we develop economic and sustainable solution proposals.We include rail technology considerations and enable you to take a far-sighted perspective for reliable and well-founded decisions.

  • Well-founded analysis of your traction current system along the life cycle (life cycle cost) and creation of a catalog of measures

  • Monitoring during critical project phases (e.g. compliance with PGV requirements, commissioning)

  • project revisions

  • Coaching (e.g. project manager or in negotiations with entrepreneurs)

  • Project controlling (supplements, cost and deadline monitoring)

  • Project management (review of work contracts, support with submissions)

  • PQM (project-related quality management)

Consultations in the field of traction current

  • Creation of feasibility studies

  • project analysis

  • Planning and project planning of traction current systems

  • Project management (review of work contracts, support with submissions, controlling)

  • PQM (project-related quality management)

  • Project administration (minutes, supplements, management of construction meetings)

Project planning and planning services

Daniel Keller

Certified technician HF (energy technology) & certified business technician FH

+41 79 572 25 89

Lea Keller


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