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Commissioning the S10 line; SZU

Standardisation of ALM tenders, SBB

Track renewal Kaltbrunn–Uznach, SBB

Track renewal Winterthur Seen, SBB

IT support Polarion, SBB

Renovation of Rheineck-Walzenhausen rack railway, Appenzeller Bahnen

Track renewal Eglisau, SBB

Track renewal Wattwil–Kaltbrunn, SBB

Mare e Monti, spatial and tourism development project, Vasto (Italy)

Guidelines for underground work, SBB

Extension of Zurich Stadelhofen station, railway engineering planning (PG Ypsilon), SBB

Project risk analysis, Forchbahn AG

Study VR, Forchbahn AG

Coburg level crossings, Alstom

Framework contract IG Bahn +, Forchbahn AG

Operational test concept slab track Kreuzstutz, SBB

Framework contract, BLS

Optimised change of points in slab track, DB

IG Heartbeat 

Foundation of the cooperation company Schüßler-Plan infratec (Germany)


Frutigen track field with Quattron Suisse, BLS

BIM substation Markt Bibart, Suedlink

Site development mobility concept, Frauenfeld

Site development Mattacker and roundabout project analysis, Wetzikon

Assessment of indicative project, Baar

3D visualisation RhB driver's cab, Preisig

Operational test concept Infundo, SBB

Pilot project Line Interlocking, cable laying, level crossings, structural engineering, Alstom

Overall project management railway infrastructure, BLS

Planning services for the design and implementation of track renewal projects in German-speaking Switzerland, SBB

Slab track maintenance, Rhomberg/DB

Preparation of the annual network condition report, VBZ

Project management risk tool, Forchbahn AG

Planning of the preliminary project overtaking tracks and extension of freight facilities Dagmersellen, SBB

Procurement of tram rails for Vinnytsia, SECO

VLG Zurich Seebach, SBB

Traffic study, St.Ursen

Construction sequence simulation Heitersbergtunnel, SBB

Main cycle route Thun–Münsingen 

Plan revision emergency and incident management tram tunnel Schwamendingen, VBZ

Traffic study, Berg

Operating regulations for railway sidings, FIXIT AG

BIM node Zwickau, DB

Traffic survey, Frauenfeld

Business field structure DPB q4pm

Authorship SIA 451

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