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Builder and Owner Support

Whether you lack the time, the patience or simply another hand: we support you wherever you need.

Our experts are happy to provide you with professional support. We make your needs and interests our own and accompany you to the successful achievement of your goals.

We will take care of​​

  • solving any kind of problem or challenge

  • setting up, implementing and completing projects, programs, and rollouts of any size

  • keeping stakeholders, interfaces, opportunities, and risks in order

  • coordinating a wide range of specialist departments and disciplines

  • communicating both externally and internally

  • negotiating and drawing up contracts as well as mediating conflicts of interest between stakeholders or partners and you

  • preparing or obtaining expert opinions, permits, etc.

Gyula Mutamba


MSc ETHZ in Umweltingenieurwissenschaften, IPMA-Level B

+41 79 172 40 93

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