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The Lukas Model

Our colleagues Lukas Schmid and Lukas Fabel both started working part-time at RUBI Railtec while still studying. The model is beneficial for all.

The two Lukases have a lot in common. Both cite a comic book character as their childhood idol—for Lukas Schmid it was the Duck Avenger, for Lukas Fabel Sponge Bob. If you ask them what they always have with them, Lukas F. mentions headphones, Lukas S. a power bank. Lukas Schmid likes to play role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons; Lukas Fabel would like to go on a real cave tour.

The two Lukases also came to RUBI Railtec in similar fashion. They began working part-time during their studies—computer science for Lukas Schmid, transport systems for Lukas Fabel. This is rather unusual, as students usually work in a job outside their field of study to earn a living—or then as part of internships to gain experience and have the chance of a permanent position after graduation.

However, Lukas Schmid and Lukas Fabel would definitely recommend their career path to others. Lukas S. discovered his penchant for tricky tasks involving automation in digital projects, data analyses and databases early on at RUBI Railtec. Since graduating, he has dedicated himself to these topics on a full-time basis—on the one hand for RUBI Railtec and on the other hand for our sister company RBDE Digital Engineering.

At RUBI Railtec, Lukas Fabel gains an in-depth insight into the various aspects of railway infrastructure. In particular, he drew up operating regulations for sidings and coordinated them with the respective client—usually the track owner. He also gained experience in project management and chairing meetings—in both German and French. In his job at RUBI Railtec, Lukas Fabel could thus delve into topics that were only touched upon in his studies.


Working at RUBI

Lukas Fabel and Lukas Schmid used to work together in our Digital Consulting and Development team before Lukas F. left the company. The team helps companies to establish the fourth industrial revolution.

Find out more about Lukas Schmid, Lukas Fabel and all other RUBI employees on our "Who we are" page.

You can find open positions here.

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