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Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is the fourth industrial revolution. We help you adapt your operation.

Individual bits of the railway-technology life cycle have been digital for decades. Infrastructure plans are drafted on the computer, digital zeros and ones have replaced analogue bits like interlocking levers and relays.


Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are now digitising the entire value chain. This brings interfaces into focus—both technological and human ones.


We support you in the areas of BIM, transformation and data.

When it comes to BIM, we help you with

  • successfully managing projects with the methodology

  • implementing the methodology for your clients, contractors, planners and plant operators

  • developing data structures, data models and the methodology itself

  • connecting GIS and BIM for infrastructure projects and their maintenance

  • transferring project data (BIM and GIS) into operators’ target systems


During transformations, we support you with

  • the digital transformation of your company or department through professional change management and modern approaches

  • developing a long-term and sustainable digitalisation strategy

  • process analysis, modelling and optimisation as well as integration into day-to-day operations

  • selecting the right tools and systems according to our concept People - Processes - Requirements - Technology.


With regards to data, we support you with

  • developing proofs of concept on topics such as IOT, graph databases, big data, business intelligence, data storage with data hubs, data lakes and data warehouses

  • evaluating and analysing data as well as creating added value from it

  • integrating new solutions into your existing systems and analysing the necessary data input and output

  • analysing and developing a data-flow concept between interfaces of customers’ systems

  • analysing and conceptualising data management and optimisation possibilities with SAP/S4HANA

Antje Heimhalt

Digitale Beratung und Entwicklung

Dipl. - Ing. TU, BIM-Professional & Changemanagerin

+41 77 503 11 00

Floris Piso

Digitale Beratung und Entwicklung

MSc in Engineering, Vertiefung Industrial Technologies

+41 76 410 38 04

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