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As a child, Lesia Hychko wanted to become an artist. Instead, she studied art history. In 2022, she had to flee her home country.

Dynamische Aufnahme von Lesia Hychko mit einem fallendem Hut
Photo: Karin Heer / Hellostudio

Changes of perspective are good for us - whether we look at a problem from a new angle ourselves or ask someone else for an assessment. Lesia Hychko experienced the ultimate change of perspective in 2022. Without knowing a word of German, she came to Zurich with her daughter after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A short time later, she started working at RUBI Railtec.

First, Lesia presented her view of Switzerland with the photo project "First Impressions". Thanks to SBB's uncomplicated solution for Ukrainian refugees, Lesia was able to explore Switzerland and took photos that now adorn our office walls. Since then, she has been travelling more purposefully and making videos about exceptional railway lines in Switzerland. The Gotthard base and crest tunnels, the Landwasser viaduct, the Uetliberg railway and the Fondue tram have already been featured in the series "Lesia on the train".

Portraitaufnahme von Lesia Hychko
Photo: Karin Heer / Hellostudio

Lesia gained experience in video production through a series on Ukrainian scientists. She has also taught at various levels and managed a public organisation. At RUBI Bahntechnik she works in design development. Those who know us know that we are committed to well-designed solutions in all matters.

Lesia also has a flair for high tech and high-speed vehicles in her private life. She finds peace and quiet in yoga, which she also teaches.


Working at RUBI

You can find out more about Lesia and all other RUBI employees on our "Who we are" page.

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