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Digital infrastructure

Digitalisation is the fourth industrial revolution.
We help you with adjusting your business.

Individual phases of the railtec life cycle have been digital for decades. Infrastructure plans are created on the computer, digital zeros and ones have replaced analogue bits such as interlocking levers and relays.

With the help of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), digitalisation is taking place along the value chain. This brings interfaces into focus - both technological and human.

We support you

  • in the digital transformation of your company or department by means of specialised change management and modern approaches

  • in the development of a long-term and sustainable digitalisation strategy

  • in process analysis, modelling and optimisation as well as integration into day-to-day business

  • in the targeted selection of tools and systems according to the concept of people-processes-requirements-technology

Your contacts at RUBI

Ramón Bühlmann

RBDE Digital Engineering

Transformation and development processes

+41 76 488 50 27

Carlo Pavia

RUBI Railtec

Digital consulting and development

+41 78 666 85 84

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