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Legal advice

We advise on legal issues, project and supplementary management. We combine legal knowledge with our understanding of technical solutions.

We provide services for planners, developers and contractors in the areas of construction and public procurement law, contract law and corporate law. We provide advice close to the construction project and respond flexibly to the specific situation.

We support you

  • with legal advice on ongoing construction projects

  • with the legal differentiation of planning contracts into contracts for work and services, orders or mixed contracts

  • in the event of misunderstandings and differing interpretations of agreements

  • by clarifying questions concerning remuneration, changes to orders, pricing, faulty planning, incorrect invoicing, delivery and acceptance as well as liability

  • mediation of conflicts of interest with stakeholders and partners

  • with questions of liability for work defects according to the law and assessing the possible loss of defect rights according to SIA standard 118

  • with the management of supplements



Your contacts at RUBI

Marie-Bénédicte Dreher

GILLI Rechtsberatung

Master of Law


Julian Pernstich

Pernstich Engineers

SIA surveyor

+41 76 558 75 69

Silvia Kamm

RUBI Railtec

Expert opinions

+41 79 705 24 67

Gyula Mutamba

RUBI Railtec

Owner/builder support

+41 79 172 40 93

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