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Project planning railroad track & railroad construction

Our clients benefit from our expert knowledge and wealth of experience in slab track design as well as our proficiency in planning construction stages, workflows and logistics for reliable estimates of construction times and costs.

  • Overall leadership in accordance with SIA stage 103 for railway construction and infrastructure projects

  • Specialist planning of track and route construction for railway technology projects in SIA stages 11 to 53

  • Preparation and management of invitations to tender for planning and construction services (SIA stage 41)

  • Construction guidance and supervision (SIA stage 52): (lead) construction management on building sites

Fabian Haerri

Fabian Haerri

Projektierung Fahrbahn und Bahnbau

MSc Europäische Bahnsysteme, BSc ZFH Verkehrssysteme

+41 79 538 62 23

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