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Seamless track installation plans

Good plans are half the battle. They are the basis for successful realisation.

Seamless track installation plans for railway upgrades and maintenance work combine information accurate to the millimetre—such as track geometry—with construction-specific details such as the materials used for the superstructure and substructure. The seamless plans are used for project planning and execution.

We support you

  • in the planning of individual construction phases and the final results

  • with better plans for the installation

  • in the precise calculation of necessary quantities

  • creating seamless installation plans using data from your databases

  • automatically or manually generate technical reports from the project editor

  • creating extracts of materials and quantities

Your contacts at RUBI

Severina Fischer

RUBI Railtec

Ballasted track

+41 77 510 99 26

Hannah Schwab

RUBI Railtec

Ballasted track

+41 78 202 20 63

Fabian Haerri

RUBI Railtec

Ballasted track and railtec

+41 79 538 62 23

Pedro Henriques

RUBI Railtec

Drafting services

+41 76 212 17 99

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