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Expert opinions

Our experts will do the research for you and go into the details for which you lack the time.

In the 21st century, knowledge means knowing where to look something up or who to ask. Our network of experts includes professionals in the infrastructure lifecycle, procurement, monitoring and security, and digitalisation. We are also broadly positioned in terms of backgrounds and language skills, bringing you together with the right people.
You are free to choose the form of our expertise and the clout of our team. We can provide you with both an input presentation by an individual and a comprehensive analysis by an interdisciplinary team.

We support you

  • with analyses and expert reports on the planning, execution and safety of railway construction sites

  • with analyses and expert reports on the operation, maintenance and monitoring of railway infrastructures, including sidings

  • with the preparation or obtaining of expert reports, permits, etc.

  • as author of safety expert reports

  • in accident prevention for the transport of dangerous goods

  • with expert reports in all aspects of transit planning

  • with business development, if you are a new player in the traditional market of command, control and signalling systems.

  • in the adaptation of products from other industries to the rail

  • in the (further) development of your processes

  • in training your staff and communicating technical complexity to your external target and stakeholder groups

  • with honest assessments in murky situations

  • in mediations between partners with pebbles in their gears

  • as a ghostwriter for technical articles and other texts

  • in influencing and forming opinions



Your contacts at RUBI

Silvia Kamm

RUBI Railtec


+41 79 705 24 67

Julian Pernstich

Pernstich Engineers

SIA surveyor

+41 76 558 75 69

Daniel Keller

eprs engineering

Traction current expert

+41 79 572 25 89

Pierre-Noël Rietsch

RUBI Railtec

+41 76 352 20 08

Philipp Kleinpaß

Quattron Group Suisse

Digitising infrastructure as well as transaction and communications consulting


Thomas Rubi

RUBI Railtec


+41 76 341 19 51

Our following international partners also offer this service

RUBI Railtec Asia Pacific

RUBI Railtec Southeast Europe

RUBI Railtec Austria


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