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Our experts will do your research for you and go into the details for which you do not have time.

In the 21st century, knowledge means knowing where to look something up or who to ask. Our network of experts includes professionals in the fields of infrastructure lifecycle, procurement, monitoring and safety, as well as digitalisation. We are also broadly positioned in terms of backgrounds and language skills, bringing you together with the right people.


You are free to choose the form of our expertise and the clout of our team. We can provide you with an input presentation by an individual as well as a comprehensive analysis by an interdisciplinary team.



We will help you

  • with expertise and experience in planning, constructing, operating, maintaining, and supervising railway infrastructures

  • with all aspects of safety on construction sites and in operation

  • with advice on public procurement and strategic purchasing

  • in all matters relating to industrial spurs

  • in training your staff and communicating technical complexity to your external target groups and stakeholder

  • with adapting products from other industries to railway

  • with honest assessments in murky situations

  • in meditations between partners with pebbles in their gears

Patricia Marty

Patricia Marty


Dipl. Ing. ETH

+41 79 223 08 21

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