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Data management

Data are the resource of the 21st century. We dig out your archive and project your future.

We support you

  • in evaluating and analysing data and creating added value from it

  • with integrating new solutions into your existing systems and analysing the necessary data input and output

  • in analysing and developing the data flow concept between the interfaces of customer's systems

  • with the analysis and conception of data management and optimisation possibilities with SAP/S4HANA

  • with developing proofs of concept on topics such as IOT, graph databases, big data, business intelligence, data management with data hubs, data lakes and data warehouses

  • in the configuration and documentation management of backup systems

Your contacts at RUBI

Ramón Bühlmann

RBDE Digital Engineering

Data management in digital engineering

+41 76 488 50 27

Pierre-Noël Rietsch

RUBI Railtec

Command, control, and signalling installations

+41 76 352 20 08

Philipp Kleinpaß

Quattron Group Suisse

Digital project management and studies


Carlo Pavia

RUBI Railtec

Digital consulting and development

+41 78 666 85 84

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