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Kristine Hess

MSc FHO in Civil Engineering/SIA, BSc FHO in Civil Engineering

+41 77 504 56 98


NEVER WITHOUT: something bright green, oldschool trance music and RedBull.

WHAT I WANTED TO BE AS A CHILD: a mathematician

THIS IS OVERVALUATED: digitalisation


I'M NOT GOOD AT: computers

I'M VERY GOOD AT: handicrafts, self-care, mental arithmetic, hand sketches

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE: I was once in a convent

ON THE BUCKET LIST: motorbike driving licence

MY PAST IDOL: Pink, Knight Rider

MY PASSION: rave culture

BOOKS EVERYONE SHOULD READ: TipTopf (a cookbook most Swiss children receive in Home Economics), Night Train to Lisbon, The History of Civil Engineering

Kristine graduated from the then University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in Underground Construction and completed her Master's degree in Concrete Technology and Construction in 2015 while working. She started her career as a project manager in research and development projects in concrete construction topics. After gaining experience in project planning of all kinds of underground structures, she has now been working as a track designer at RUBI Railtec since 2019. She finds technically challenging questions about the track and the collaboration of different disciplines on railway construction particularly exciting. She really enjoys the exchange of ideas on construction sites in order to find feasible and high-quality solutions in her daily planning work. Her wish is to one day be able to accompany a major project all the way from SIA phase 11 to 61 in some capacity.

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