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All About Safety Installations 

Our expertise and holistic approach ensure that your customers and employees always travel safely. 

From the dispatcher's workplace to the driver's cab, from project planning to commissioning—our Command, Control and Signalling team takes care of all aspects of safety systems. From track tokens to electronic interlocking, we are familiar with every conceivable technology. 


We will help you ​

  • with project planning, tenders, commissioning, and testing 

  • with configuration and documentation management 

  • with drafting services 

  • in business development, if you want to stir up the traditional market as a new player 

  • in project management, communication, and stakeholder management (under development) 

  • in internal processes (under development) 

Carlo Pavia

Carlo Pavia

Command, Control & Signalling

Master of Arts UZH, CAS Business Intelligence

+41 78 666 85 84

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