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Transport cableways

Material cableways in Switzerland have to meet strict requirements. We bring you to the summit safely.

Transport cableways are essential for the operation of agricultural and tourist facilities in the Alps. In addition, temporary transport cableways excel logistically demanding construction sites. We maintain your transport cableway, plan its renewal and take care of the legal requirements.


We support you

  • with inspections and by preparing condition reports for all components

  • in planning the correct maintenance and renewal measures over the entire service life of the installation

  • by verifying the clearance profile, calculations of supports statics, suspension and traction cables as well as maximum forces and breakage safety

  • by preparing operating concepts, manuals and regulations in accordance with the current legal requirements for permit application

  • with expert opinions and reports, plans and other drafing services

  • in negotiations and by preparing contracts

Your contacts at RUBI

Patrick Brändli

RUBI Railtec

Transport cableways

+41 76 585 74 41

Pedro Henriques

RUBI Railtec

Drafting services

+41 76 212 17 99

Julian Pernstich

Pernstich Engineers

Earthquake and fire protection as well as statics

+41 76 558 75 69

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