• Foundation of GILLI Rechtsberatung am Bau GmbH

  • Framework agreement builder support infrastructure ; VBG

  • CAD concept, BIM, evaluation planning software ; Südlink, Quattron

  • Joining usic, Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers

  • Maintenance concept for ballastless track, airport station Zurich ; SBB

  • Planning storage facility Schattdorf ; WRS Widmer Rail Service AG



  • OBL rail track renewal Full-Leibstadt; SBB

  • «BIM capable» digital components on buildup

  • Election of Ramón Bühlmann to the Commission sia 451

  • Builder support; BLS

  • Support I-AT-GPS cost ballastless track Wipkingen tunnel; SBB

  • Framework contract for SBB track planning Lot 1; IG Bahn+ (Preisig, B+S, Gähler und Partner, Rubi Bahntechnik)

  • Switch planning support for the LEM Lausanne project; GCF

  • Revision of commodity group strategy for SBB ground works; SBB, I-ESP

  • SBB Bm3 light support; SBB

  • Builder support for ballastless track, Airport station; SBB

  • Publication of 3D models on Sketchfab

  • In-depth feasibility study of service level agreement 21 to 24; Quattron, SBB

  • Rail technology specialist for Brienzwiler, Brienz line; B+S Ingenieure; zb

  • Builder support for Glattalbahn drainage; VBG

  • Site management of ballastless track revision Sihltunnel; SZU

  • Opening of the Bangkok office

  • Noise control concept for switch revision at Basel Bad station; Sersa; DB

  • Rail technology specialist Bern West, INGE Holligen, SBB

  • 3D models of building processes for ballastless track revision, GCF

  • Support of submission for vibration measurement in the Enge-Ulmbergtunnel; SBB



  • Rough concept for maintenance of Zimmerberg II; SBB

  • Assistance on initial operation of lot 2 of the CEVA line; Sersa AG

  • Planning of Ulmberg and Enge tunnel restoration given to INGE ESR (EBP, Schällibaum, Rubi); SBB

  • Consulting on implementation concepts for ballastless tracks; GCF, subsidiary Switzerland

  • DACH research assignment for traffic route engineering; PMS consult, buildup, TU Wien

  • Expert report of ballast quality BDWM; Implenia Schweiz AG

  • Concept for maintenance and renewal by third parties; Sersa

  • Analysis of ballastless track in the Hauenstein base tunnel; SBB

  • Variant study of ballastless track vs. traditional track on the Wipkingen line; SBB

  • Planning for MG Bahn, switch replacement Zermatt; TÜV Rheinland

  • Authorization by the FOT as Notified Body for NNTR according to TSI for INS; Arsenal Railway

  • Authorised expertise on operating during the partial extension of the Lötschberg base tunnel; TÜV Süd,BLS

  • Concept and monitoring for the adoption of BIM; Sersa AG

  • Supervision of dismantling of EMPA tracks; SBB

  • Rough concept for maintenance of the Brüttener tunnel; SBB



  • Warranty work on ballastless-track switches/points in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB

  • Coordination of the completion of the Gotthard base tunnel; K-Tec Kummer, SBB

  • Builder support for the maintenance of track super- and infrastructure of the Glattalbahn; VBG

  • Admission to the association “Building digital Switzerland”

  • Implementation of stipulations regarding the ballastless track in Oerlikon station (part of the Zurich Cross-City Link); SBB

  • Evaluation of the submissions for owner/awarding-authority support for the extension of the Glattalbahn; VBG

  • Office opening Rautistrasse 12, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Construction Slab Track LVT Depot Blackburn; Sonneville, Network Rail

  • Performance model for the project alliance; Sersa AG



  • Coordination of vibration measurements in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB

  • Warranty work on the ballastless track in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB

  • Ballastless track expert for the Hong Kong Metro; Sonneville, Alstom, MTR

  • Analysis of contract documentation Sia phase 52 for “Seetalplatz”; SEPP working partnership, Walo Bertschinger AG

  • Review of submission documents for railway technology in the Eppenberg tunnel; SBB

  • Coordination of the initial operation / service regarding railway technology for the CEVA project in Geneva; SBB

  • Installation day of ballastless track in Ra’anana, Israel; DB Bahnbaugruppe

  • Risk report for the tunnelling beneath Ayalon river, Israel; China Railway Tunnel Group and NTA

  • Support for the project office of the Herzstück Basel; alius consulting, aggloBasel

  • Study for ballastless track in the Wylerfeld diveunder; Sersa AG

  • Implementation of stipulations regarding the ballastless track in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB



  • Railway technology workshop with Vigier Rail

  • Documents handover for the owner / awarding-authority-support mandate regarding railway technology of the CEVA project in Geneva; SBB

  • Introduction as initial-operation/service expert for the Gotthard base tunnel; ATG AG

  • Site management of the ballastless-track installation on the bridges of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB

  • Pick-up work in Gilon, Israel; DB Bahnbaugruppe

  • Acquisition concept; Vigier Rail

  • Railway technology workshop with Ingenieurbureau Heierli