Consulting & development for building owners, system owners, engineers and contractors

We offer our clients traditional building owner consulting and support.

  • Tailored solutions focusing on procurement costs, lifecycle considerations (LCC) and maintenance strategies

  • Ideal gateway into the Swiss railway market for suppliers of railway machinery, railway systems or specialist installation components, thanks to our large network

  • Specialist knowledge for planner and engineers: advisory services in a planning joint venture or as a construction manager for railway technology development projects

  • Coordination and management of the various different railway disciplines required in comprehensive construction projects

  • Stakeholder management and mediation in complex construction projects

  • Set up of project guidelines and organisational measures: data storage, project structures, organisation charts, project execution strategies


Ramón Bühlmann

Consulting & Development

MSc FHO Public Planning
BSc ZFH in Bauingenieurwesen

+41 76 488 50 27