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Railway sidings

Reloading is cumbersome. In logistics, every second counts. Whether you already know the advantages of sidings or want to build a new facility—we are at your side.

In Switzerland there are hundreds of sidings and numerous specifications for their safe operation. We plan and maintain your track system and take care of the legal requirements.

We support you

  • in the planning of new sidings as well as the maintenance and extension of existing installations in accordance with SIA 112

  • with the planning of the correct maintenance and renewal measures over the entire service life of the installation

  • with feasibility studies and drafting services

  • with the preparation of plans and databases of all kinds as well as the digital processing of your existing documentation

  • with the preparation of operating concepts, manuals and regulations in accordance with current legal requirements

  • in project control and management

  • with the inspection and preparation of status reports of all components

  • with the negotiation and preparation of contracts

Your contacts at RUBI

Patrick Brändli

RUBI Railtec

Railway sidings

+41 76 585 74 41

Pedro Henriques

RUBI Railtec

Drafting services

+41 76 212 17 99

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